holy sh*t batman – Android Wear

holy sh*t batman – Android Wear

As if it’s any surprise the new Android Wear demoed recently completely blows me away. You can check it out in action at one of my favorite blogs Droid Life.

Android has come a long way from the original Sidekick phones. Remember those? They were all that was cool and happening, at least in my neck of the woods. I remember being amazed back then that not only could I get my email on my phone, but I could browse the web AND look at cute graphics day or night. I was sold over on Android from day one and I have yet to be disappointed.

Through crap Samsung bricks to great Vanilla goodness that is the Moto X I have been there with Android through thick and thin. So if they want to repay my loyalty with kick ass innovation I won’t complain. I, also having learned my lesson early on, won’t be first in line, but hey that’s an Android users’ choice.

As excited as I am about Google Glass, Android Wear seems extremely down to earth and intelligent in functionality and design. It’s a piece of tech I can consistently see myself wearing and with Google Now I can already see the feature set growing.

Since there are no details on pricing I can still hope and pray these wearables come in under a fraction of the Google Glass price.


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