iZombie Pilot

iZombie Pilot

Loosely based on the DC comic book of the same name written by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, iZombie centers around the young female protagonist Liv Moore (Rose McIver) whose had her perfect job, perfect fiancé, perfect life.. obliterated by one hellish boat party. A party which had her waking on the shore in a body bag.

!!SPOILER ALERT!!: She becomes a zombie.

I admit, I was skeptical of this show. Another zombie story, greaaaattt.

Yet by its end, I was fully invested on the ridiculous notion of a zombie assisting the police in investigations.

Art being the subjective medium it is allowed me to take more from this pilot episode than an origin story. I was able to draw parallels between Liv’s struggle coming to terms with her zombiism and what seemed a subtext of universal struggle.

Having kept her new-found desire to eat brains to herself, Liv’s loved ones can’t help to assume she’s fallen off the rails. And it’s during a failed attempt at a “Potluck Intervention” that Liv is faced with how her zombiism has impacted those around her.

“In the six years that we’ve lived together you’ve been this force, this unstoppable, hyper focused, fireball. Now you just watch TV all day while lying on the couch.” -Peyton Charles (aka: Liv’s Roommate)

“You’re throwing away your life. I genuinely don’t understand you anymore.” -Eva Moore (aka: Liv’s mom)

“We think you have PTSD.”- Peyton


It’s through the voice over we come to understand how Liv is dealing with her zombiism.

“I don’t have PTSD. I have ‘Post Traumatic What’s The Point?” -Liv

“I have no idea who I am anymore. No idea what purpose I serve, if any.” -Liv

”When you die life goes on without you. If you’re among the living dead, you’re around to watch. Giving up my dream of being a heart surgeon was depressing. Eating brains, sucks beyond words. But seeing Major possibly moving on with someone else. That’s my threshold. That’s the soul crusher.” -Liv


Then something unexpected happens. Her secret revealed, gives birth to the idea of hope.

“What if there is hope? Even if it’s dim and somewhere in the nebulas future. It’s a hope I need in order to survive.” -Liv

“I can’t refuse to be dead.” -Liv


The closing monologue which sealed my fate as a fan of this show:

“Life’s short and then you die. And then, then you have to make some decisions. You can sulk around lamenting all that you’ve lost, trying to keep yourself numb and isolated. Or you can embrace who you are. I wanted to do something with my life. I wanted to help people. Not necessarily as a zombie psychic who eats murder victims brains, but still. I so nailed it today. I’ve spent five months bemoaning all that was taken from me. It never occurred to me that I’d have something to give. A way to contribute. A reason for being… not alive. All I needed was some hope that there was a future that I fit into somehow.” -Liv


The parallels aside, I quite enjoyed the pilot. The comic book animations are beautifully integrated with the show so it seems completely natural. The theme song is catchy and fun. Rose McIver does a fantastic job of embodying the “whatever vibe” while also showing us the deep emotional state of her character.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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