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Marvel movies ahoy!

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Fox Wants To Make Mystique, Gambit and Deadpool Spin-Off Movies.taylor_xmen

I am going to see Captain America tonight and planning on writing a review BUT this has me even more excited for where superhero movies are heading. An all Gambit movie?? Yes, please. Ever since I saw Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine I’ve wanted more and more screen time of one of my favorite characters.

Gambit is slick, cool, and that accent just wraps the whole thing up in a delicious character. I even liked the  actor, Taylor Kitsch, who played him. Just all sorts of yummy.

Make all the movies guys… as long as they keep being awesome.


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Although it’s been a few weeks since it ended (Or a week. Time has lost all meaning to me.) I still get mad about the series finale. There is no point making a long post about it. I’ll just be pretending most of it never happened. Suffice it to say:


YES! This reminds me of the Star Trek TNG episode “The Neutral Zone” where they rescued some humans from cryogenic stasis and cured them of their fatal illnesses. I always hoped that I wouldn’t have to get frozen just because of a piddly heart attack and now science is doing me a solid. THANKS SCIENCE!

Doctors Are About to Start Human Trials for Suspended Animation.


I haven’t gotten to enjoy anything new in enough waves to post about it and I don’t foresee my weekend giving me the time to do so either. There was a small flirtation with Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it’s no longer on Netflix! I can’t even binge on it a little. So alas, this may be a quiet week, but I have a small plan to steal a few hours Sunday to myself and read the crap out of something. Here’s looking at you Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel.


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Game. sigh.

I can’t stop playing it long enough to blog about it…I have to stop dying! Check it out here. I didn’t even know it existed!